Animal Crossing

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Moving to a new town, looking for a better life...that's pretty much all that Animal Crossing is about. You create a character during the train ride over, talking to a very friendly little critter, and once you arrive (in the town you named on the way over), you begin your life in this real-time simulation game that anticipates Farmville and the Sims more than traditional console games.

But what is your life in Animal Crossing? Well, it consists of such things as running errands for folks, collecting fossils, building up your furniture and clothing collection, designing clothes and hats, gardening and landscaping, visiting with various people, collecting shells from the beach, harvesting fruit, shaking trees for money and items, banging on rocks with shovels to find the one rock that hides tons of name it, it's probably in Animal Crossing! (You can even visit other people's towns using their Memory Cards.)

Animal Crossing is both a great escape from real life and a way to live an ideal life...its strategy does not lie in how quickly you complete the game, but how completely you play the game!

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Why I Like the Game So Much

I've enjoyed Animal Crossing many times over for several reasons:

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