Basic Game Info

Captain Olimar's ship is struck by a passing comet and he crash-lands on this strange planet, with only 30 days of breathable air in his space-suit and his ship in pieces scattered all over the countryside. It seems impossible that he can gather all his ship parts and blast off for home in 30 days, but there is a species of little creatures waiting to be discovered--the Pikmin--who will help him overcome the planet's many and sundry obstacles to successfully escape.

You play as Olimar, growing and nurturing the Pikmin, leading them into battle with huge bugs, blowing up obstacles, building bridges, figuring out puzzles and exploring new territories...all in the name of collecting the scattered parts of your ship, so that Olimar can finally go home. :')

Why I Like the Game So Much

Pikmin has been a favorite of mine since it launched (no pun intended) for several reasons:

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