We Love Katamari

Basic Game Info

We Love Katamari is a game for any and all ages, with simple controls and an equally simple backstory. The King of the Cosmos wrecked most of the planets in the solar system, and now he needs the Prince to go to Earth and collect stuff to build planets again. With that in mind, the Prince goes to Earth armed with a "katamari" (a ball which grabs onto objects smaller than itself), and begins to collect the most random of items, rolling the katamari along and picking up objects until the katamari is the proper size to build a planet. Complete all the levels with their various challenges, and you have a fully-formed solar system again!

Kid-friendly yet strategic, you're basically competing against yourself to fulfill the goals of each level better and better every time. There is a method to all this cartoony madness!

Why I Like the Game So Much

I really enjoy playing and replaying this game a LOT, because...

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